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Improving Company Performance and Value


A New World Awaits You

Are you gaining or losing market relevance?  Do your customers really know you and the value you bring? We'll show you how to step up your customer game!


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Introducing The Top Quartile

Top Quartile is a CEO group gathering designed to improve company performance to industry upper quartile levels

We are designed to help CEOs understand and utilize the 'Fundamentals of Leadership, Management, Organization and Compensation' developed from our research and work in more than 200 companies

Industry Leaders: Led by experienced and successful former CEOs and consultants with experience in companies with revenues from $2 million to $5 billion.

3 Keys to Survival & Success:  the Immediate Steps

Manage Cash Flow 

Manage cash effectively – NOW!
We will help you analyze your business and how you can maximize cash flow. 


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Key Metric History

Increase income – NOW!
Grow your ability to define metrics that generate action throughout the organization. 


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Mission / Vision

Clarify who your company is.
Define where you are going, how you will get there and what you expect to achieve.


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A CEO’s prime responsibility is to grow the value of their company.  The best way to do that….get your company into your industry’s / market’s Top quartile.

Make it to your TOP Quartile:
 Learn to Capitalize on the Four Phases of Business Growth

Phase One

Learn how to manage cash, meet payroll and A/P, without stress, strain or fear.

Phase Two

Organization Rationalization:
Assure top employees  are fully capable and aligned with your direction for your company.

Phase Three

Value & Relevance:
Understand how to get and keep customers, assure your value to them is understood clearly and unmistakably.

Phase Four

Long-term profitability:
Constant update, review, and emphasis of your Vision, your Culture and beliefs, and the superior value these bring

"Learn and use the Fundamentals of Leadership, Management, Organization,  Compensation and Measurement"

  – the Road to TOP Quartile Performance

Join Our Success Stories:

Made Successful Sale Possible

Manufacturing CEO:
Helped CEO of $35 mm Manufacturing Company grow value from $ 6.0 mm to $16 mm in three years using the Top Quartile processes and systems.

Path to Successful Future Clear

Electrical Contracting Company Owner:
Guided Owner of this $3.0 mm company through a cash management procedure and discipline which changed his cash position from $300,000 in debt to $300,000 in the bank (swing of $600,000) in less than one year. Now in process of opening a second operation in another Denver City in line with his Growth Plan.

Increased Revenues from $19.0 mm to $95.0 mm

CPA Company CEO:
Assisted CEO / Owners in increasing average rate of growth from 8% to over 25% and increasing revenues from $19 mm to $ $60 mm in 5 years, while increasing net income from 12% to 25% over the same period. Total 10 year growth in working with us increased revenues from $19.0 mm to $95.0 mm.

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