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Improving Company Performance and Value


Why Top Quartile

Improve Performance:

Our client companies improve performance within 90 days - and gain consistent increases in performance for as long as they remain in the program.

According to Forbes  80% of startups fail in first 5 years

Number 1 reason companies fail is because they run out of cash.?

The Reason Companies Run out of Cash:

  1. Not in touch with customers ? their customers do not know who they are and the value they bring to them
  2. No Real market differentiation ? lack concise Value Proposition
  3. Failure to communicate the Value Proposition by telling the customer ?what is in it for them?
  4. Leadership breakdown at the top ? as companies succeed leadership and management become more complex and difficult
  5. Inability to define a profitable business model which has
    1. Predictable Income streams
    2. Predictable positive cashflow
    3. Predictable profitability


Teach and help implement the Fundamentals of

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Organization
  • Compensation
  • Measurement / metrics

..that get your company into your industry's TOP QUARTILE to grow your business' value.

Our References

Manufacturing CEO:

Helped CEO of $35 mm Manufacturing Company grow value from $ 6.0 mm to $16 mm in three years using our processes and systems.  Made successful sale possible.

Electrical Contracting Company Owner / CEO: 

Guided Owner of this $3.0 mm company through a cash management procedure and discipline which changed his cash position from $300,000 in debt to $300,000 in the bank (swing of $600,000) in less than one year.  Now in process of opening a second operation in another Denver City in line with his Growth Plan.  Path to successful future clear

CPA Company CEO:

Assisted CEO / Owners in increasing average rate of growth from 8% to over 25% and increasing revenues from $19 mm to $ $60 mm in 5 years, while increasing net income from 12% to 25% over the same period.  Total 10 year growth in working with us increased revenues from $19.0 mm to $95.0 mm.

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